Tazkirat ar-Rasheed, Vol.2, p.197 - “Even though the poor fellow wanted to hide the condition of his heart, the Buzurg unveiled everything by saying, ‘In your heart is an image of a young woman … her nose is such, her eyes are such, her hair is such….’; that is to say that he mentioned her entire appearance. Momentarily, the Dervish was extremely embarrassed but went on to say, ‘No doubt, you speak the truth. During my teenage, I fell in love with a woman. Because I always had her in mind, her image came on my heart. Now, whenever I feel depressed, I close my eyes and see her. This makes me calm and my heart feels at rest.” – “After narrating this incident, Moulvi Amir Shah kept silent and waited so that Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi would comment... Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi finally spoke up. He said, ‘Brother, this is not a major achievement, for he had to close his eyes and concentrate on his heart. My contact with Hazrat Haji Sahib (i.e. his spiritual guide, Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki) for many years was such that without consultation with him my discussions (meetings) never came to a conclusion… even though he was in Mecca (and I was in India). And after this I had the same connections with Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) for years.’ After saying this Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi remained silent.” 

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